My journey to peace

I love to watch cooking shows it always inspires me to add more twist into my own cooking. Learning to elevate some of dishes just because we can have more fun. It is more enjoyable when we are willing to open our minds and let our creativity explode.

Yes, as we are all living our lives to the fullest, we are forgetting to play. I am reminded everyday with Miss Dottie to play! Yes, even playing catch with her has turned out to be ten to fifteen minutes several time during the day as playtime.

Seeing her having so much more fun while she comes back to me has been teaching me to be in the present but also noticing how she is doing. Looking at her expression when she is coming back with the ball. To the time I am ready to throw the ball, she is so playful that It makes my heat melt.

She is a fun dog who is really enjoying our own time. Yes, Mac has plenty of time with me as well! Becoming who we are meant to become is the challenging part of our journey. Keeping ourselves grounded and authentic can be challenging at times.

But when you are surrounding your home and loved ones with love and compassion it brings us to a place of love and understanding. Nothing is impossible when we are open to making the right changes in our lives. It might be scary at first but when you feel the support of the universe nothing is impossible.

I am in the place of peace to reach that place it took me years of detours and some frustration to finally find that “havre de paix” it is the most empowering moment when you finally realized you are where you supposed to be! It was worth the detours, pain and frustration.