Our Journey Part 2

Being where we are supposed to be in our lives starts with our journey as a student. Yes, we are all student of life! Often, we are not aware of it until it comes time to ground ourselves and maybe take a good look at where we are in our lives.

When your spirit starts to remind you to go on your own quest. It will be something that will change your live for the better. Yes, it might not be easy to follow it at first but when you are starting to make the shift and let the universe guide you, it becomes a game changer, you are feeling the freedom you are seeking starting to come to life.

It also shows you how much love and compassion you can fill your heart with. The connection with the divine becomes a sacred moment. You are becoming the wonders of the world; you are expending your wings.

Celebrating lives every day, learning to empower yourself for better days. The power we have is infinite we need to learn how to harvest our field of dreams. Minding our own business to finally plant the seeds of our wildest dreams.

The sky is truly the limit, we have to learn to tap into the infinite possibilities the world has to offer. Living a life of a thousand is to embark on the transformation of our own self. Learning to balance between our spirit and the human experiences we are having.

Shifting our lives for the better while co-creating with the universe. I am grateful and humble to have taken on an impossible journey to make it possible. Pushing my spirit to release its secrets and learning to lean on the universe.

Letting my mind be connected with the divine while knowing deep within me that the universe watches over me! I have pushed myself beyond the limit, breaking the glass ceiling to finally be free.