Keeping ourselves calm

Finding peace in our heart is the quest of a lifetime. When you are born on the more challenging side of the track, it might take a lifetime or at least a few decades before you can reach peace. But it is worth the journey of transformation that will open the doors to infinite possibilities.

As a young child I had to find my way back to where I belong. This was not a small journey to do but it was worth the pain and anxiety I went through. Now I am in a place I need to be, I have found the peace and calm in my life. Even if the outer condition is unpredictable, I have learned to lean on the universe to support me on my journey.

Not focusing on my fears but instead learning to stay grounded. Keeping my faith in my heart that everything will work out no matter what! Filling your heart with peace helps you to move forward into the unknown.

People can feel overwhelmed at times but when you are grounding yourself you are able to keep your spirit and positive attitude. It also helps the universe flow as well to make the right shift. Imagine, for a minute, you are in the state of panic, the energy you are creating will go into the world. When the flow of the universe to help you will come along it will be pushed back by those energies.

Resulting in delays for getting the help we need. When in fact we are keeping our faith and a positive attitude we are inviting the flow of the universe into our lives. This is when the shift is happening in our lives starting to change it for the better.

It is, again, a journey of a lifetime being reminded every day to keep our lives centered while inviting peace in our hearts.