My Story

Connecting with the universe is magical, actually, it is the best place I want to be.  It is peaceful and loving, feeling the universe by my side is empowering. We are the co-creators continuing to master the gifts I have is the greatest experience of a lifetime.

Being in that bubble of love is calming and grounding, some days I would love to stay in this state of mind. But like everyone we have to be part of the human experience. Dealing with co-workers that might have an ego attitude like a spoiled child.

Feeling their insecurity coming out like a blade, it is a moment like that you remind your own self to stay grounded and like the calm water, becoming flexible. It is in those moments you are letting your awareness show you the way out.

From keeping our attitude positive and understanding it is not my monkey neither is it my circus. I had to deal with a sister whose mood swings were notorious. She could not help herself because she was always feeling the need for drama.

Her life, without drama, was not something she could be happy with. Instead, she was creating chaos around her. I, instead, loved peace and quiet, my world was enjoying the beauty of the world and dreaming of a better life.

It would take years before I could even think it was possible. But my dreams kept me going.  From one challenge to another I pushed myself beyond my limits. Always keeping my eyes on my goals, even if I could not see anything at all.

I must say at the end it paid off; I am so grateful for the challenges I had to overcome. It taught me so much more. I am still counting my blessings and reminding myself to be present in my life.