A story in motion

We are a story in motion learning every single day. Even if we feel somedays, we will rather stay under the covers. Living a life of a thousand is to become the better part of us. Learning to ride the wave of the universe.

Learning to move gracefully on our path, even as I am typing on my laptop. Mac who doesn’t like to see me working or even on my laptop has decided to cuddle on my lap with is face on my arms. These are moments that make your heart melt but also reminds you about your loved ones.

I have to share the cutest, latest story with this little boy of mine. I love the song “It had to be you” Frank Sinatra sings that song, but it is from the movie “When Harry met Sally” that made it into my world. It was actually Harry Connick Jr who sing that song in the movie.

I have started to sing that song acappella, a few times to Mac who looked to me like a shy pup. So, I went on YouTube and found both versions. I played Sinatra first and sang along while looking Mac in the eyes. That pup had such a great expression on his face. It just made him melt as I was smiling at him, it was the cutest moment.

So now, in the mornings I will sing to him acappella and his face would melt. He is the cutest little boy, however; there is still a naughty side to him. He will scan his surroundings to check if something interests him. Then after doing one pass by the object of his desire he will quietly snatch the item and walk away.

Therefore, I am learning to be present in my life. Those little moment are the greatest ones that will remind you we are blessed.