World of magic

The challenges to keep ourselves grounded is our outer condition. We might be able to respond when we are grounded but trying to control our outer condition is impossible. Doing meditation and grounding exercise helps us to continue to improve.

It does not mean we are going to be perfect at it. This is why we have to continue to practice every day, we are the master in our own life but also the student. We, until our last breath, will be learning something new.

Not limiting ourselves to believe what the world of the ego wants us to know. Instead expending our minds by going into the unknown. Being open to infinite possibilities is to continue to push forward, breaking the glass ceiling to finally free ourselves.

Learning to expand our wings and let our spirit shine. We have the deepest connection with the universe, opening the channel with the divine will guide us to an amazing journey. Tapping into the wisdom of the universe.

Being opened to change our lives for the better. Having faith, the world of magic is at the tip of our fingers. We can become the rising phoenix shinning the light brightly that will inspire others to discover who they truly are.

We all have something to share with the world that will help mankind from teaching our children to continue to dream. Having a curious mind will help us to let our imagination become the engine that will open the doors to infinite possibilities.

Our creative genius within us will be unleashed to create the most magical adventure in the world. We are brilliant minds that can create a world of peace. Keeping ourselves mindful of the world we are living in.

As we are moving on our journey, we are being reminded we are not alone, there is a world of magic that is waiting to be discovered.