We are the trailblazers

Our own sacred ground is our personal space around us but also in our house. Creating a space, even if it’s a corner of a table, will help us to boost our spirit. Living our lives in the fast lane can burn us out if we do not take the time to center again.

Not easy when we are being bombarded by social media, we are living in a changing, challenging world. When you look at history, we are repeating another cycle, another pandemic crisis that we will overcome. Our journey is to reassess where we are.

It is a great time to make the right changes in our lives, from looking at our own relationships to a job that might not help us to move up in our journey. We have so many possibilities, but the question is what would you like to do?

Also, if we are in the middle of changing our path, we are not feeling confident we are on our way. Feeling time is running out when we just have to let the universe into our lives. Opening up the world of possibilities while keeping the faith everything will work out.

We are living an unprecedent era full of magic and wonders. Becoming the curious spirit, we are, we could be opening our world to infinite possibilities. Enjoying our lives is to be present in it, not projecting ourselves into a future that is a mirage.

Being a trailblazer is becoming our true self, our true life. Remembering who we are, when we are on our journey of a thousand lives, we are on the right path. No matter what direction we are going to take the universe will watch over us.

Keeping us safe when we are letting perfect synchronicity working with us. We have to acknowledge our connection with the divine, we do not have to close ourselves to the world.