Saga of the pups 12

Let’s continue with the saga of the pups. We are still feeling the colder weather upon us.  Waiting impatiently to feel the warmer temp. Mac decided this morning it wasn’t the day to get his paws outside further than half the driveway.

Yes, I know he is the big baby that will not venture if it is too cold. After doing his business we turned around and went back home with Miss Dott not looking to happy at first. I, however, knew she needed sometime outside with me, so I put her booties on.

As usual she did not like it at first, she started to walk in a funny way. Yes, imagine for a minute your dog will lift his/her back leg up sideway like she is working out “side leg raises” and not only did she do it on one side but decided to do with the other back leg. She continued to do that after coming down the stairs reluctantly.

This again reminds me I need to get a ProGo Camera seriously. After a few feet she finally got her trotting style going. She started to run back and forth all excited she was moving her tail which means her entire body was moving too.

We had a blast during our walk, she was so excited the entire time. She meets, along the path, two beautiful Huskies and the adventure of the day was a woman who was walking with her dog loose. By the way, where I live it is unlawful to have a dog off leash.

The dog saw both of us and bolted in our direction, it was a black dog with yellow eyes, he reminded me of a Pyrenean, over 120lb. So, while the lady was trying to call her dog back which, incidentally, the dog did not care that she was calling him to return.  

I stopped in my tracks, stood tall and took Miss Dottie behind me as I was protecting her in case this furry dog decided to become unfriendly. Miss Dottie is more like a peanut next to him but again this girl has the jaws of a shark so I would never count her out.

After this massive dog approached us, he went around me and was interested in her. Then her mom used her whistle and called him back. He promptly went back to her and she finally put on the lead. We did continue on our path.

Miss Dottie did stop by the dog and was so cute she wanted to play with him. I kept her at a distance as well, she was cool and did very well. We finished our walk with the same fun demeanor she had at the beginning of our walk.