Being myself

The joy to be me!!! Yes! I know it is funny for me to write about not only me, the pups or what the universe has to share with us. I have broken my own rules on keeping everything to myself. But sharing my adventure has been the best ride ever.

Keeping myself on my toes while sharing some side of my life that might or might not be as funny. It is also a great way for people to know whatever you are going through right now you can overcome.  It might take a while or a lifetime, but you can get through it.

I think the most powerful way is to set our boundaries. It keeps everyone out of our own space and learning to let people know that even if they have a volatile temper, they have to learn to master it. If you are not setting it; you are going to be in a toxic relationship that will not get any better.

Becoming powerless over someone’s mood is not what we want to become. Having found my grounding space while recognizing what I would welcome in my life or not. It has been a powerful revelation to be free. Free from a world of ego that does not interest me, learning to see things from a birds’ eyes view.

Able to let the flow in my life and riding the wave of my life. With the pups by my side, we have had the best adventures of a lifetime. Counting our blessings that has empowered us to stay in the moment. Learning more about who we truly are while appreciating how far we have come.

The life of uncertainty is to continue to create with the universe keeping faith everything will be as it should be and so it is.