Candid Spirit

Having a little too much fun helps us during the day. From speaking about a project that goes sideways that would make you run out of the room. Instead, when you start to infuse your mind with a more positive attitude, you can surprise yourself! Yes, by laughing you are lighting up your mood but also bringing oxygen into your body.

Keeping your adrenal lower and muscles relaxed, your brain is receiving enough oxygen so you can relax. I have been doing it for years under great deal of stress at work it was great to finally relax a little. From my Grande Duchess dancing and singing in the early morning to laughing uncontrollable it was always these actions that led us to a great day.

Regardless of how the outer conditions where at the time, I always loved to drive to work with a big smile on my face ready to see what adventures the two of us were going to be in. No days where the same but we had so much fun.

We were having so much fun that our days seemed to be going faster and not taking ourselves too seriously was the best medicine as well. It helps us in the middle of transition as well. But it is a great opportunity to be open the doors of creativity as well.

Always finding the right answers to the problems we had to face. It was a blast that I have never equaled afterword. I do miss working with my beautiful Grande Duchess and with the pandemic upon us we have not had a chance to see each other face to face.

I am sure soon we are going to be able to finally enjoy a luncheon when we can start to have some fun conversation and a lot of love.