Common sense

As I was speaking with a friend of mine, we started to laugh about common sense! Yes! today’s blog is about common sense. I wrote a blog about how the millennial generation might feel that their first job is like being at a frat house!

Yes! thinking we are all one big happy family, trying to be nosy about your life. Not understanding the boundaries or even have an understanding of the work environment. For example, if you are having a zoom meeting make sure you are not leaving your camera on.

So, when you are going to the bathroom the rest of the world does not have to not only watch it but know it. If you are late and again are doing your hair. Please turn off your camera you are not starring in the House Wives Of Orange County!

When you have a celebration at work and there is an open bar, do not waste yourself to the point where you are making a fool of yourself in front of the bosses. I can guarantee people are watching how you are behaving, and no one wants someone in leadership that cannot drink in moderation.

How about social media?  Remember that if you are being hired for any kind of position people will be looking at social media so if you have some embarrassing pictures take them down. Even if you think they are funny no one wants to have someone representing their companies who is immature and tasteless.

Also, I wrote about people bringing their own blanket to work! It might sound fun, but this is not your house. Instead wear a sweater or pashmina that will keep you warm. I will always remember that young girl that started at a company I used to work at years ago. I must admit it was cold in the office, I always had a couple of sweater or jacket so I could stay warm.

One day as I was going to the printer, I saw this young lady wrapped in her blanket. I thought at first, she was sick which made me step back but when I realized she was just cold, I could not help myself but started to laugh.

So, to summarized everything…… please use your common sense!