The pups saga 11

It has been a good year watching how the pups have grown. I am now discovering more about Dottie when it comes to playtime. She has taken on a cute and fun new habit; she will sit after we come back home waiting for me to take one of the rope balls and like a pro bowler throw it in the hallway for her to chase after it.

She then gently takes the ball back in her mouth and runs back with her happy tail passing me, ready to play again. At the beginning I was giving her toys so she would be happy, she is different from Mac. Mac would rather take a toy and not share it, she, however, would rather play. So now we are doing that each time she is going outside.

She is so funny to watch, like a big baby she still wants to cuddle against me. I was recording my podcast and she was snuggling against me. She is just growing up to be a funny loving dog, I was actually asking myself, since she has such a different personality, how to make her play.

Well, in fact, she is the one who was asking to play, it only took a little ingenuity and inspiration from the universe to see what she actually liked to play with. So now we are playing a fun game, she is so funny to watch grabbing the ball and bring it back.

She has become a wonderful dog. But, again, for people who want to adopt a rescue dog needs to be made aware, it takes a year or years for some to settle depending on the trauma they went through. She is taking pills as well to help her with her PTSD.

I have now reduced those pills, but it took the help of my friend Christie Anne a Reiki Master to do that. My new way to trick her and feel she is not the only one to take a pill is to use the pill masker and make a small ball for Mac to take it first than as she watches me giving a “fake” happy pill she would come and be more incline to do it.

As a result, they both get a wonderful spoon of organic coconut oil… Yes I know they are spoiled but after what they have been through as young pups they deserve that!