Living our lives

The most amazing part of living our lives to the fullest is to have people coming into our lives that will become part of our circle of light. Those are the people that will be there when you are driving home thinking Mercury Retrograde did a three sixty on me! While you are speaking with them on the phone you have someone that is listening to the event that has just happened.

With laugh and compassion, you can see the silver lining in the entire situation. Making your ride back home the most interesting one! Feeling you are being heard and the universe had your back during the entire situation. We all feel, once in a while, we are going on a flow that will be wild while giving us the opportunity to realized things need to change.

When you are willing to change some of the steps are not going to be easy, but they need to be done in order for you to be free. You do not have to continue to deal with what is not for your highest good, even if you feel ashamed or fearful about who you are facing.

Not cutting the cords that are toxic and the people that are not for our highest good will continue to weigh on us. It will not help us to move on in our lives or even turn ourselves around to live a better life. We need to find the strength and faith to do what is right for us.

It might need to involve the law or even move to another place or town cutting the cords that are not for us. Leaving behind us that, which weight us down, we should not carry that weight to our next experience. Instead, we need to free ourselves from that burden.