Enjoying my life

Looking back at what I have done for the past six months has been quite an adventure. From redoing the flooring to deciding to refresh the colors on the walls. It has been a great learning process. I was able to install planks on the stairs on my own to cut stair nose.

What an adventure of a lifetime to expand my skill sets, even taking my sweet time on each project to ensure everything is done the right way. Patience is a virtue I have been reminded of this every day. Opportunities and changes are coming to us at any given time.

Sometimes in a way or form when we least are expecting, this is why it makes our lives so interesting. From a job that will land on our lap unexpectedly to challenging ourselves to go outside of our comfort zone.

We are learning and growing, being excited with the possibilities that are all around us. We can always ignore them but when we are willing to go into the unknown this is when miracles are coming to us. I have seen the lives of others changing because they finally believed in themselves.

It is the most humbling journey to witness such miracles and that happens when people are willing to go into the unknown taking a leap of faith in themselves. We are the co-creators, the magician that can transform our lives but also the lives of others.

Anything is possible when we put our mind into it! When you open your heart, you are changing your life. Learning to be who we truly are by listening to our spirit, this might be challenging when we are always distracted by social media.

Learning to go back to basics helps us to stay grounded and be at peace. We are here to live our lives to the fullest.