The saga of the pups 10

As I am winding down from a long day, I am watching Miss Dot sleeping on the loveseat while Mac is ready to fall asleep on the ottoman. The pups have spent over 11 hours at the doggy daycare and now it is crash time.

After a big dinner they have finally slowed down. I did spy on them while I was working. I am officially one of their stalkers. The other stalker is Miss Molly she is their second mama when they go to the vet. I was speaking with her earlier during the day.

She was inquiring as to how the pups where doing, I had to share with her they both where at the doggy daycare. I did give her the camera number so she could spy on them like I did.  We were laughing trying to find them at first. Then we spotted Miss Dot sitting her head off the camera which was funny than we looked to see if we could find Mr. Mac.

It took us a good few minutes before his little highness decided to walk back so we could see him. He did spend some time sitting in the sun inside. which I do not blame him for doing that at all as the temps have been below 0. The reason I do send them to doggy daycare once a week is to give them an opportunity to get some exercise.

Being confined at home while the temps are plunging can be difficult for dogs that need activities. Miss Dots needs to do more than Mac for sure. She could walk for miles, but Mac is more laidback.

It is also a great way for them to socialized with other dogs learning to be part of a pack while being supervised all day long. It is so nice to see them finally resting after a long day of fun.