Learning our skills sets

Children are learning from us especially when they are young. When no boundaries or teaching skills are part of their daily lives, it is opening the door for them to be free to do anything they wish. This might sound fun! Not having to be accountable for our own actions and to do whatever you want at any given time.

It seems like a life in paradise!! Other children might want to join the fun knowing no rules are the rule of that house! If you fast forward in the life of that person, how would you think they will live their lives? With not having boundaries, they will continue to live their lives through impulse.

It might work at first, but if you are impulsive and have not learned to ground yourself or even think through everything to make sure you are going to reach your goals, it will become a circus on its own. You will be stretching yourself to the limit and not being able to finish any projects you might want to do.

It also makes it difficult to have “an organized” life. What do I mean by that? When you have no boundaries, you might not be willing to go with the flow. Also, the skill sets you needed as a young child will be lacking.

In order to close the gap, you will have to start learning them on your own. This will be challenging but if you keep an open mind you are going to see how your life will become. From the remodeling of a house that will make you feel like you are at home and not camping in it, to starting a new business with the right tools to help you be successful.

It is going to require you to have a lot of patience, changing your patterns and old habits slowly but surely to finally being able to live your life to the fullest.