Living a spirit life

Learning to compromise in our lives can be challenging at times. We have to be able to become flexible in our lives. Not everything will be coming to us on our own timing. I have written a lot about being patient with perfect synchronicity.

Even I had to learn and will continue to learn to do that. When life takes an unexpected U turn, you are learning to go with the flow. Asking yourself, I am taking a detour for a reason? Then asking the universe to guide you. Yes! it feels, at times, it is not a fun ride but somehow a life lesson needs to be learned.

As we are moving on our path, we are going to be reminded of the choices we have made. Revisiting them to ensure we are still on the right path. Being honest and authentic to our spirit helps us to course correct them. Growing and maturing will open up the doors to new opportunities.

Living our lives to the fullest is our goal, as we are moving on in our lives, we are going to learn more about the life we want to live and readjust our own goals. Becoming the trailblazer and dreamers we all are, having the capabilities to open ourselves up for a better life.

We are capable to creates the miracles in our lives if we keep on focusing on our dreams. We are the magician that can open the doors of infinite possibilities. Realizing we are the one in the driver seat and we can make the right decision regardless of the outer condition we are in.

Walking away from the world of the ego, to finally become the trailblazer, learning what freedom is and also being able to make the right choices in our lives. Leaving behind us the illusional world of the ego to finally let our spirit be free.