Respecting our bodies

Appreciating who we are is being able to open up our spirit. It is not about the illusional world of the ego or what standard of beauty there is out in the world. It has to do with learning to accept our outer shell. Being able to look at ourselves in the mirror and see our spirit.

Yes, we all have different shapes and forms, regardless of what the ego world wants to dictate us, it doesn’t need to be part of the robot world. Just learning to appreciate who we are by opening our heart. It is challenging when we are reminded everyday what the world of the ego has as standard, but when you are learning to become who you truly are those concepts are becoming obsolete, you are becoming the better part of your own self.

Self-love and understanding of who you truly are, accepting our flaws while learning to improve our own self for the right reason! The key for us to be who we truly are is to listen to our spirit. Asking the right questions when we are setting up an intention.

From losing weight, to improving our skin tone, to doing exercise. Those questions are essential to understand who is speaking. Is it our spirit or our ego? We all know that little goblin voice that will poke his nose out of nowhere and will start to try to pull ourselves down.

Learning to make the distinction will help us to stop it and be able to let our spirit guide us during this time of transformation. Yes, our bodies are going to grow and change through our lifetime we need to recognize that and be able to continue to adapt to those changes.

We have options to help our bodies by doing it the healthiest way by reminding ourselves to be kind to our bodies. Nurturing ourselves will help us to stay happier.