The saga of the pups 8

I am amazed at how the pups have grown; I am so glad to have them in my life as well. Even though some days are more challenging than others. I am blessed to have those two turning my life upside down. They have finally settled; Mac has always been a laidback little boy with the cutest face. Miss Dot is just a big marshmallow of love; I have become her mama, teaching her to feel safe and happy.

Both of them are opposite temperament but they are perfect with each other. However, when it comes to play time this is where things are a time dicey. Like kids, they will play together until Mac takes it a little too seriously. Then this is when the playtime can become fighting time.

As a good mama I will go and split them and request time off for both of them. Then when everyone calms down, they will go and play again. Tomorrow is Mac’s birthday turning the big 2 so for that they are going to spend their time at doggy daycare so they can play all day!!!

He is going to get some extra treats and yes, so is Miss Dot. I am looking forward to seeing them continue to run and be happy. The most amazing sight is to see is the expression on their faces. When they are sleeping it is the most wonderful sight as well.

When I look at them, I am humbled I was able to have them in my life. It took time and a lot of patience and love to get where we are. It is also a lot of work. So, when you decide to adopt one or two or more dogs make sure you know their temperament but also how active they are or what needs they have.

It will help you to have a great bonding and experience as well with them.