The magic of the universe

You never know what the universe has in reserve for us. From landing an amazing job to a trip of a lifetime. Whatever the universe can do for us is pure magic, from a world of perfect synchronicity to be on the flow or at the right time and place!

This is why it is essential to do some yearly goals or even use affirmation if we do not feel like creating a vision board. I have done a grocery list every year, taking the time to think of what I would like to do, not only personally, but also professionally.

Keeping my mind focused on my heart’s desire. Keeping the faith everything will reveal itself in due time. From a nudge from the universe to a message from our spirit we can surprise ourselves when we are in perfect synchronicity with the divine.

I must say it might take a bit longer for some of our goals to come alive, but the wait is worth it. The universe in its’ perfect wisdom will know what is best for us. So, keeping an open mind is required for us to receive that, which is meant to be for us.

Reminding ourselves it is a journey that is opening our spirit and mind but also learning to receive the bounty the universe is offering to us. I understand we all have our own ideas on what is best for us. Often, we are conditioned from a young age by the outer condition that will alter our own perspective on life.

When we learn to let it go and just be willing to accept what is coming to us from the universe this will become a life changing matter. It will open the doors to infinite possibilities but also joy and happiness that you cannot even imagine!

Stay open to the universe and listen to the whisper of your spirit.