Respecting our space

We might not like where we are, we might not like what is going on around us. But when we are understanding the outer conditions are only temporary, it might help us to keep our focus on a better outcome.

Life has its own challenges, but we need to be reminded we can alter them when we are learning to mind our own business. Yes, minding our own business should be part of our best daily practice. I know for some of us it might be difficult to do not intruded in the lives or our children, cousins, friend etc..

Giving unwanted advices, thinking we are helping them but in most cases, we are interfering with their own lives. When you are learning to mind your own business, you are able to improve your outer condition.

Learning to tap into the infinite world of possibilities, we are the magician that can transform our life and the life of others. We can inspire others to do the same, spending our time co-creating and living our life in the present we can avoid any drama.

Learning to be drama free is to invite peace and love into our lives. We do not need to be driven by drama or chaos. Navigating the raging river that is our life is challenging enough. When we are opening the doors to chaos, we are adding another layer that is not needed.

Instead, we are delaying our dreams and goals, but those detours are not necessary. When we are respecting everyone’s space, we are learning to let others learn their life lessons. If someone is not asking for your advice than let them be. Just send them love and compassion for them to find their way….this will be sufficient.

We need to remind ourselves we are an observer in their life’s we do not see what they see. Everyone has their own perspective, and we have to respect them. Even if we do not agree with it.