Spring projects

I cannot wait for spring to come around, the projects I want to do in the front yard will bring more color and will attract butterflies and bees. After years of ignoring the front yard I went a little overboard on the potting.

But it was worth it! Actually, spending my time on my hands and knees in the dirt made me feel good. Cleaning up the wooded area so it does not look like a deep jungle but instead opening up the area made it even better. The fun part of that project was choosing the plants and colors.

I used a wide variety of plants that could withhold direct sun while looking so beautiful. I am ready to go back and do it all over again. With the heavy snow Fall we have received the soil will be ready by the time the snow melts.

I am looking forward to having fun! This is why I love to do projects like that. It opens our creativity, and the results are amazing. Like the master gardeners we are minding our own business and see the fruits of our labor.

When we are in a creative mode it is always amazing to see the end result. This will last until fall, and I am looking forward to going shopping at nurseries to find the right plants.  While I do that it also helps my creative mind to find answers but also ideas on what I would like to do with my own business or life.

This is also a great way to encourage us to become more creative. Taking more interesting challenges by expending our mind. Learning other skills sets that will help us to master the next exciting adventure or venture we are going to embark on.

We are the co-creators; the magician of our own life so why not start today?