Our divine path

Working on our own path is the most amazing journey of a lifetime. looking back at the goals and aspirations I had in my twenties. Moving in my thirties everything started to change even though I had no idea how it would play out.

The journey of transformation was on its way. Looking at the ups and downs of my life I must say the wisdom of the universe was always around me. I found my peace and grounding when I continued to move on. As a warrior I had to spend a lot of time being faced with a lot of challenges.

Not knowing, at times, what tomorrow would be but willing to continue to push forward. In my forties it was a time to bring peace and love. Not willing to continue to be the warrior but instead shifting my focus on creating something.

Listening to my spirit, I made some pretty bold moves as a story in motion I continue to educate myself. Tapping into the wisdom of the universe keeping my eyes on my dreams. Knowing that my life was moving and shifting in the right direction.

I had no idea what was in store with me but each time a door closed I knew another one was already opening. I had to learn patience and becoming even more resilient while in the darkness. I was not ready to give up, but my circle of light was there for me.

Giving me the push, I needed to get going. It was maddening to be in constant turmoil not finding the peace and quiet I needed. Always having faith in my spirit and with the universe everything will be alright no matter how chaotic my life went.

We are spirits having a human experience, learning who we truly are. Living our life purpose to the fullest and embracing the essence of us.