Co-creating a vision board

What is this year going to bring you? How far are you going to go to live your life to the fullest? Are you willing to make the right changes in your life? Are you happy where you are? Do you have everything you need in your life?

If you are lacking something how would you like to make the right changes in your life? Yes, it might be challenging at first but when you are opening your mind and letting your imagination seeing the wonders you can create you are more inclined to create a vision board.

Creating a vision board helps us to really focus on what we would like to have materialize this year. From a new job, or business to a mate, we have an infinite array of choices we can make. This is one way for us to not stretch ourselves thin or even like a child running after shinny objects; feeling overwhelmed like when we are a buffet……so many options, we can lose our focus.

Doing a vision board helps us to stay on track. Asking ourselves what we would like to materialize but also the reason why. Yes, asking ourselves why we are doing this. This helps us to determine if this is coming from our ego or our spirit.

When we know the “why” we are able to co-create with the universe. Opening the doors to finally make our goals come true. We also, during this process, should be honest with our own intentions. If you are doing something that originated with your spirit the universe will work, its’ magic and helps us to have it materialize.  

However, if this comes from our ego the universe will not help us in our journey. We also have to remind ourselves it is not a race to get it done, instead making sure what we are adding to the board is a labor of love.

When we are done with the board, we can release it to the universe and so it is. We also can change our goals during the years.