What are your goals

There is so much more we can do in our lives when we are setting up our goals. I am not talking about the 5 years goals! I am talking about the one-year goal we can all work towards.  I recalled when I was going through the hiring process the hiring manager always asked that question. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It always troubled me to have to answer a question that cannot actually be answered. Since we are all a story in motion. Our plans can change from one moment to another. The universe has something for us waiting in the alcove ready to be revealed at any given time.

Trying to control our outer condition is not what we should be doing. Instead, we should learn to start to co-create. You might ask how did you handle that question? I would answer I do not make 5 years plan at all.

I could win the lottery, move to my own island who knows? Instead, I would focus on letting them know by doing what I am currently doing and hopefully this will bring me to the right path I want to be on in five years. It would throw everyone a curb, but I wasn’t about to lie to them and make them want to hear what they actually thought they wanted to hear.  

I always stated that question should be stricken from any interview. If you want to know if that person is willing to stay with your company then ask them what they want to do or what are their goals instead of that five-year question.

Take the time to read between the lines when they are speaking. It helps you to figure out if this is the right fit or not. So back to our goals, what would you like to do this year?