Our life lessons

As the weather is giving us a little break on the snow front, the cooler temps are still lingering. I am inspired by the kindness of the universe. Watching the pups adapting to our new schedule, I still have to continue to balance all of my activities.

It does feels like sometimes there is a little too much on my plate, but I truly do enjoy what I am doing. From writing my blogs to the podcast where I can let the words of the universe be spoken through me. Attending classes to continue to expand my skill sets.

It has been a wild ride, but a ride that I will not give up for a minute. Even if I have been through hell and back it has all been worth it. Learning to integrate people into my life has been a little challenging with the busy schedule I have.

This is another piece of the puzzle the universe has given to me. Finding the equilibrium to make it worth it. I am reminding myself we are students of life but also a story in motion. We are all blessed in every way even if some of us do not feel like it right now.

We have to be able to see the silver lining in our lives. If not, we must keep on seeing a happy ending in our lives. It is not that easy every day to keep ourselves positive but when we trained our mind to do so, we are finally opening the doors of infinite possibilities.

Reminding ourselves we are spirits living a human experience. We are allowed to have a roller coaster of emotions but also learn to have setbacks as well as successes. We are here to learn to be who we truly are and grow up in a world that might not be so kind but finding the joy in our lives that will help us to overcome our life lessons.