Moving through our challenges

Finding a little peace while we can be annoyed by situations and people can be challenging but when we learn to step back for a minute and breathe deeply. We can always try to smile or even learn to be a little sarcastic at times.

This might help us to release the tension in our bodies helping us to breathe easily. Also trying to smile can help us to see how silly people around us can be sometimes. Or while you are leaving the grocery store to go to your car, you see a car coming your way that will at the last-minute block your path.

To someone red lining your memo and making some unnecessary comments that might trigger you to want to send a respond back that would be unkind but will make you feel good for a minute. It is a strange world we are living in from people poking at us to the most annoying person that cannot stop to talk.

Feeling we are on a roller coaster while we are still in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde asking ourselves what is next? Or even thinking what will be happening when we are entering Mercury Retrograde? Are we going to have three weeks of crazy mind-blowing rides or are we going to find some peace somehow over the rainbow?

This are the challenges we are facing, and we might want to try to handle them as gracefully as we can… I must stay sometimes it is easier said than done! I was reminded today we can face our challenges gracefully by asking the universe to help us.

It might take time but during that time of challenges we can continue to lean on the universe. Often temporary situations might look like an eternity but by keeping our thoughts elevated we can ease our path.