Archiving our goals

As the morning is breaking slowly and energy is coming into the house, it is time for the pups to rise and shine. But because the pups are still recovering from a full day of fun at Doggy Daycare, their “rise and shine” time has been postponed a bit. The pups are still recovering from a full day of fun at the doggy daycare. It was fun to drop them off yesterday morning. Mac was so excited he almost tore the inside of the car to get out!

It was also a great time to focus on the vision board. Being able to think of what I would like to co-create for this upcoming year. Reminding what my intentions to continue on my journey of discovery. Ready to embrace what the universe has in reserve for me.

Expecting the unexpected in a positive way, letting perfect synchronicity guide me along my journey. Finding the time to stay grounded and at peace. We are here to continue to change and evolve even though if at times it doesn’t seems like going the way we wished for.

But again, the universe knows better, learning to co-create is to keep the faith that everything will unfold for our highest good. Doing a vision board or what I called my grocery list helps to stay focused on my goals.

It also can be changed during the year as well; a vision board is never set-in stone. We might have an initial goal in mind but when we are starting our journey of self-discovery what we thought we would like to experience can shift for something even better.

Keeping an open mind on how the universe will deliver our goals is also essential. Reminding ourselves the universe knows best. From a mate that might not be the typical type we normally are dating, to a job that was not what we were expecting. We might be surprised when we let go of our own ideas on how it should appear, we can actually receive what is for our highest good.