Listening to our spirit

The sounds in my house are light, as I am listening to some meditating music, I can hear the pups sleeping. They are so cute when they are asleep. It is a peaceful morning, nothing to disturb us yet. The world has not fully awakened.

It is a great time to be in right now, just taking my sweet time to let my mind wander in the magical world of the universe. Being connected with the divine, opening the doors to co-creation. Tapping into the wisdom of the universe to show me what I should learn today.

Also sharing its wisdom and peace, we are living in a world full of opportunity. Learning to turn off social media and news helps us to stay grounded but also refocusing on the basics. This year should be all about our family and loved ones.

It should be about learning to find peace in our heart regardless of what the world around us shows us. We need to remind ourselves the outer condition is only temporary regardless of if it is for a week, months, or years.

We can, if we could stay focused and grounded, improve it, this is part of our learning and maturing process. Yes! We also need to stop to look at what others have in their lives. Spending our time inventorying what others have will not contribute to having a contented and satisfying life.

It is a distraction that is unnecessary, we might be inspired by someone who is a trailblazer awakening our own desires to do something for us. Even helping us to truly become who we are meant to be by mustering the courage to step into the unknown.

Nothing will ever change if we are not willing to roll up our sleeves and go on the quest of a lifetime. We should not be living with regrets in our heart but be filled with the adventures we went on to discover who we truly are!