Morning rise

It is barely six in the morning and the pups are still going back to sleep. As the world is waking up slowly, I am still focusing on grounding myself. It is a quiet time to infuse myself with more positivity.

Learning to go with the flow is an amazing journey but also it teaches me to not try to control everything. Just learning to navigate the flow and leave room for perfect synchronicity to work its magic.

We are the magician, the co-creator, but also, we have to realize there is more then us in this world. We have an entire team that is not visible to the naked eye. Even though our ego might, from time-to-time, point it’s nose out we still can remind ourselves our spirit is in the driver’s seat.

Living a thousand lives is to be open to reinvent ourselves, learning to course correct our path. Recognizing we are all students of life; we do not have the knowledge the universe has. Going into uncharted territory is to open our mind and life to a new world.

The world we would like to experience, we have endless possibilities we can tap into it! Our own limitations are set by our ego! Yes, our ego does not like changes! It is disrupting its little world of illusion; it doesn’t want to let the unknown into our life. It wants only to stay within its own boundaries.

But our spirit will call upon us to change all of that. It will open the doors to infinite possibilities and show us we can become who we are meant to become. We still, however, are going to face our life’s lessons. There is not a detour or substitute when it comes down to it. It also doesn’t mean we cannot live a fulfilled life either.