Memory land

I am going back to memory land, watching Dallas! Yes, I know 1979!!! But it reminds me when I was in Europe and the American TV shows came in the early 80’s.   It is funny to remember what we were wearing. Our hair dos but also, we did not have those huge shoulder pads like in the US!

It was a time where we did not had internet and watching people with a phone in their car was surreal! It is great to see how the landscape was at that time. Not much traffic on the road like we have now! Back to where we are now, technology has evolved and so are we.

Learning to be more open and becoming our own spirit. We are a story in motion we are becoming who we are meant to become by opening our heart and letting our spirit be. The world is changing every day, so are we.

When we are stepping outside of our own shell to finally open the doors to infinite possibilities and taking the leap of faith to be open to welcome the changes in our lives. It is an amazing journey we are going to embark on!

It is not for the younger generation only but for anyone! Yes, we all can become who we are meant to become. Our journey is a journey of a lifetime! The most amazing part of our journey is to learn to co-create with the universe.

Understanding we are not doing it alone, we are the magician, the alchemist that can transform our lives. Our journey can be rewritten when we are willing to go into the unknown. Opening ourselves to a better world by elevating our energies.

Changing our patterns to finally reach our life purpose.  We are the master of our own destiny!