The Saga of the pups 7

It is nice to the see the pups resting peacefully while I am indulging myself with a hot cocoa! The weather has been kind until now we are back to the lower digits which reminds me that we are still in winter no spring or summer yet!

Our walks have been shorter with Mac today, he is my favorite weather guy. With him I know when it is cold because he would go do his business and turn around straight to go back home. He is like Mr. couch potato with a cute face and his baby in his mouth! Yes, he loves to go outside with one of his toys!

However, Miss Dot doesn’t care how cold it is she needs her walk. So, this morning as we dropped Mac back home, we went for an early walk. As we were at the entry of the trail, my spirit told me to stop and wait.

So, Miss Dot and I stayed there for a good couple of minutes. I could not see anything yet, but I knew something was about to happened. As I was scanning the horizon trying to figure out where this would come from, I finally saw a coyote running quickly on the trail heading straight into the backyards of houses. It was an amazing sight; the coyote was graceful in his/her jump. It moved quickly into the wilderness that surrounds our area.

Miss Dottie was watching the scene, ready to check who was bolting that fast on the trail. We pursued our walk on the trail in the same direction the coyote crossed. Miss Dottie scent was on high alert she was crying wanted to find the coyote.

We moved forward out of the trails to the street, we did a loop and went back on the trail where Miss Dot, like a good detective she, was smelling the coyote. She was all excited as we walked back home, she had a story to share with Mac!

I was happy to see that our eco system is still doing well with the sight of the coyote, which normally I do not see only what they leave on our trails.