Being creative

The fun part to starting a new project is to be open to getting started and go with the flow. So, from learning to cook a new recipe or installing a new flooring in the staircase it is a great accomplishment to see it unfolding in front of us.

Learning to take our time during the process of doing something like that helps us also to learn to be patient when we are co-creating. Yes! Patience is the key; the universe and perfect synchronicity needs to be able to work its ‘magic.

Therefore, learning to do some projects at home helps us to keep our mind open and taking our time to accomplish it correctly. The end result can surprise us, it also lifts our spirit up when we see how well we can do.

When we start to work on projects the most amazing part of the journey is to realize we have what it takes to learn. Yes! Learning means we can continue to expand our skill sets. It gives us the opportunity to become more confident in our lives.

It is rewarding to see the fruit of our labors especially when we had no idea at the beginning if we could do it! We are students of life ready to embrace the better part of us. We might be messy at the beginning of the project but as a student of life we can learn when we are taking our time.

Not trying to use shortcuts to go faster, instead when we are staying focused, we can see how everything ties together. I must say today was a great day even though it was a full day it has been amazing to do something new.

Keeping my mind open, not feeling I had the need to rush, instead by taking my time I was able create something fun!