Saga of the pups 7

So, as I love to report on them, the little pups had a full day at the daycare. I did not have the time to spy on them at all!!! As I dropped them off at 6:30 AM, yes you read it right, may as well…. let’s have them get going early!! I was actually painting the dressing room.

It was fun to do.  It took only an hour and half to get things done including putting the room back together. I finally took care of the last wall in the living room as well. But it was a full day for mama. I did later on, in the afternoon, pick up the pups. 

I saw the best thing ever, the young lady that was watching over the dogs was actually giving some love to Miss Dot. I could see Miss Dot standing on one of those plastic bridges and being so sweet wagging her tail as the young lady was petting her. It was so cute to watch her being happy, receiving the love and giving love back to her as well.

I was so happy and proud to see that Miss Dot was having fun she even bolted after another young dog approaching her. It was funny to see her running, then afterward she had two huge dogs checking on her like big brother and sister.

It looks like she had a good time while Mac was in the background. I went and prepared their food before I left to pick them up. It was so funny to watch them coming to the lobby, the expression on Mac’s face is always priceless while Miss Dottie was still jetty.

The car ride was funny. Mac is such a cute boy he will sit down right away while Miss Dot will still be standing. But once in awhile Mac will stand on the middle arm that is between the driver and front passenger, so I had to remind him to seat down.

Now getting out of the car is always fun when you have two pups who would bolt out of the car. With the dual lead it has been a better experience than coming in and bolting into the hallway and up the stairs. I love that part; I will let them lose first then open the doors.

Like the wind they are bolting upstairs, Mac is so excited he cannot contain himself while Miss Dot is copying him. Then when the door opens, they run straight for their dishes. There is never a dull moment in our lives.