Counting our blessings

Feeling blessed in our lives is to be able to appreciate where we are. It has nothing to do with how much we have in our checking account. It has to do with the state of mind we are in. How is our spirit doing today? Are we grounded and at peace with our lives? Do we feel we are in need to adjust something in our lives?

Do we feel content and happy, have we done some projects that make us feel more grounded? Do we need to become more in tune with the universe? Have we taken some time for our own self? Do we know if we have everything in our lives? Are we feeling in harmony with our surroundings? Are we connected with our mate and our loved ones?

Do we feel we are in the right place? Are we fulfilled in our lives? Do we need to course correct our path? Do we speak with compassion in our heart? Have we done everything we could to keep peace in our lives?

Are we sure the people that surround us are for our highest good? Do we feel inspired by our journey? Are we missing something in our lives? Do we feel some emptiness in our heart? Do we still have to revisit some of our past experiences and heal them? Are we ready to go into the unknown?

What would it take for us to feel whole and complete? Have we become the better part of us? Are we realizing we are students of life? When we are doing a full inventory of our lives, we are opening the doors of opportunity.

Becoming more aware of our own spirit and how we can learn to balance our lives for the better. When we are willing to do the work, it opens us up to be closer with the universe but also appreciating who we are and what we have in our lives that counts the most.