Our creativity

Creativity is a gift that needs to be nurtured like the master gardener attending to its garden. Our creative minds can help us to reshape our lives. Improving our outer condition, helping us to overcome our challenges and life lessons.

We do not have to do it alone! I have learned since a very young age to lean on the universe. I have been blessed to have a strong warrior spirit that lights my fire to get me on the right path. No matter how difficult it has been.

How dark the road was but I found deep in my core the strength to move forward. It has been amazing to see how far I have come to finally be where I am today. I can see my two little pups sleeping on the ottoman peacefully.

We are all faced with our own destiny, our own life lessons as harsh and difficult they might be we always have options. The questions are you in a fight and flight mode or are you grounded and at peace? It is part of our growing and maturing process, but we do not have to do it alone.

We can learn to partner with the universe, in the “old days” we had no resources, no internet, no social media. Not everything that was published was available around the world or even translated unless it was a bestselling book!

So, imagine spirituality wasn’t something that was available to everyone. Living in a small town like mine, even less. But somehow, I was there and knew deep in my core I had to listen to my spirit. My little skinny self-had to lean on what I knew deep in my core. Following a different path from the rest of my family. Like a nonstop melody, I just listen to the beat of my own drum.

In today’s world we can be who we truly are when we become our own trailblazer and create our next experience.