Creating a vision board

I have spoken through the years about vision boards and how essential it might be to help us to materialize what we would like. From the grocery list I have done to the most elaborate vision board on paper. We can become more creative and let our imagination be free when we are using the right intent.

Yes, our intent will guide us on our journey if we are dreaming to have a house, our intent will be to have a shelter for our families. We might dream of a million-dollar house or a simple rambler we need to know our why. What is the motivation behind our intent.

If we are taking the time to listen to our spirit and intent, we can create a wonderful experience. From landing a dream job to a new house or wealth. When we start to ask for the why we can dig deeper in our core and figure it if this is coming from our spirit or ego.

Understanding the why is essential like starting a new business to contribute in a way to mankind putting this intent before the money will make us discover the universe will support us and we can become as rich as we can imagine.

Learning to know our intentions helps us to make the right choices in our lives. We can live a wonderful life without struggling as much when we are learning to co-create with the universe. We are living a life of a thousand we can learn to push our boundaries.

Learning to co-create helps us to get things done in the most magical way. Becoming the best, we can be while letting perfect synchronicity do the work. We need to use our imagination but also name it and claim it.

Why not start today from a simple grocery list on the kitchen cabinet to the most elaborated vision board?  We can only go from where we are to the most amazing life we can live.