The saga of the pups 6

So, I am looking forward to having the little bundle of madness back at doggy day care. The most fun part of it was to break the news to them. Believe it or not, Mac went crazy he looked so excited while Dottie decided to stand in front of me like a statue wanting to be petted.

I had to repeat to Mac it was tomorrow while Miss Dot got all excited. The fun part will be tomorrow when I will show them the car keys, they are going to be so funny to watch. Ready to run down the stairs!

In the meantime, I was looking for a brain game for Miss Dot. She needs some more challenges to keep her brain going. I went online and looked at what would be the best one to start with a level one. I found a treat puzzle where you place under each dog plastic cover the treats.

I was so excited to get started.  At first Mac was curious of the puzzle on the floor. However, Miss Dot got into a panic mode and decided to stay away from it. Then after a while, Mac followed in toe by Miss Dot who came around the puzzle again.

This time I let them pick the one and lift up the plastic bone. It was fun then later on switched the game. Yes, I did!  Naughty me. It was another fun round but this time I let them figure out how to lift up the plastic cover.

Mac did not figure out right away however Miss Dot started to push with her nose. Mac however stole a piece of the game and started to chew on it. I was laughing when I saw him because again Mac likes to shoplift whatever is interesting to him.

The next day I did the same game with them but this time around Mac figured it out how to lift the piece of plastic with his teeth and got most of the treats while Miss Dot continues to push with her nose. Now I am looking for a level 2 to continue to challenge them.

I am proud of Mac. He is a clever dog who at first did not figure out how it worked until we had a couple of tries but succeeded by not only pushing with his nose the plastic cover but also used his teeth.