Learning to respect our bodies and spirit

What a wonderful day being able to continue to fine tune our skill sets. From finishing projects at home to starting to plan for a vision board. What a wonderful way to co-create with the universe. Allowing ourselves to be open to do something different.

Realizing that maybe we are not needing to be living with someone 24/7, but instead living apart helps us to stay grounded and keep our boundaries intact. Yes, keeping our boundaries helps us and our spirit.

It might be a foreign concept for some of you but in reality, living apart gives us the time we need to recharge our batteries. So, what would a couple of days apart bring to you? More connections, but also the “me” time we all need.

We might feel like it is a strange concept, but it is not. Not everyone has the need to be living apart or even together. We have to find our own boundaries and what makes us happy, we have no need to push ourselves beyond our limits or feeling stressed out because we don’t have enough time for our own self.

We are not a babysitter for our mate but a partner. By fine tuning our own boundaries and expanding our “me” time we can develop our skill sets. We have so much more to offer to the world when we are learning to be who we are meant to be.

Having faith that we do not have to give our powers away but instead learning to become the better part of us. Being true to ourselves and authentic, learning to communicate with our mate and others. Listening to our body and spirit to ensure we are grounded and at peace.

Learning to listen to our own self helps us to live a better life.