My thoughts

Refreshing the colors on the walls is amazing, I am almost full circle with the house! It was a long process, but we are almost done! The last room will be done later on this week and the staircase will be completed soon. It smells fresh paint in the house and the colors are just blending perfectly.

The feel and view of a new house! What a journey of a lifetime with a road full of obstacles and challenges but at the end coming full circle is a bittersweet moment. Finally putting into words what I have gone through with the universe by my side.

One lesson I have learn is to connect and co-create! Watching the miracles unfolding in front of me. Learning to keep faith and become bolder than ever! Not being worried about tomorrow but leading the changes in my life.

Giving the space for the universe to bring to me what is for my highest good. Learning to recognize my life lessons but also being open to change while continuing to be flexible. Having faith that the universe has my back!

It was an amazing ride for sure but today as I am continuing to lead my life to the fullest, I can smile and see the transformation I have done in my life. It is humbling to set ourselves free of the world of the ego but also letting our imagination guiding us.

Where would I be if I had not listened to my spirit?  What would I be doing now? Who would surround me now? We can feel at peace when we can finally be grounded in our lives, it doesn’t mean we are all set, it means we are one body and one spirit.

We still cannot control our outer condition but by co-creating we are finally living the life we are meant to be living.