Being drama free

Living a drama free life is a dream that can come true. Learning to stop being dragged into the vortex of madness that can be created from work or personal life. There is so much we can do when we learn to recognized not only our own patterns but also those of others.

The biggest lesson in life is to listen to our body! Even in the midst of changes we should take the time to ask ourselves the following question, how do we feel? Are we in the right state of mind? Are we becoming agitated? Do we feel at peace or angry? Are we annoyed or frustrated?

When you start to do a full inventory you can figure out afterwards what were the triggers? Is it our mate that is pushing our buttons? Do we feel a co-worker is not pulling their weight in the project we are working on? Do we feel we are always feeling behind?

When we learn to ground ourselves and answer those questions, we are becoming aware of where we are. From there we can step away from the drama and stop our gremlin to pock his ugly little head. That little gremlin that doesn’t want to let it go and keep us in a state of chaos, becoming angry at anything and everything. Learning to master our gremlins helps us to finally reach the state of peace.

We again have our own free will, so it is again up to us to do the work. It is always easier to go into the rabbit hole to change our own patterns, but would it be good for once to do it?

It requires us to work harder but as we are creating those new patterns, we are finally changing the way we are behaving. Sometimes difficult conversations are needed to set our boundaries. Without boundaries we are becoming exposed to anything. When you set healthy boundaries at work and home you are learning to live a more peaceful life.

Yes, some of them are needed in order for us to keep growing and maturing!