Becoming the dreamers

The story of our lives, what movie would it be? Gone with the wind, Out of Africa or Jason Born? What soundtrack music would it be? In our lives we are always inspired by our own spirit or it might be the ego.

What song are you actually playing in your mind? What inspiration leads you in your life? How often are you going to your field of dreams and plant your next dream or experience?

Have you ever thoughts that maybe if you could dream it you could claim it? Have you ever thought that maybe the universe is listening to you and wanting to help you to live your life to the fullest? Have you ever thought if you could keep your mind on your goals you could let the universe guide you on your path?

What would it take for you to give up control of every single detail in your life? I have seen and witnessed a lot of people trying to micromanage their lives in such detail it never gives them a chance to fully reach out to their dreams, the way it was supposed to happen.

Instead, they had to content themselves with what they actually created. The most amazing opportunities we have in our lives is to be able to finally let perfect synchronicity into our lives. By moving forward and feeling the support the universe has for us.

It is rewarding to see the magic of the universe at work. It opens ourselves up to a new way to create. Not feeling we are limited but becoming limitless. We are becoming bold and powerful creators willing to open our minds and go with the flow.

It is a journey of transformation and elevation for us. Realizing our wildest dreams by becoming a trailblazer and inspiration for everyone around us.