The journey of transformation

We might not like the changes we are going through but they are necessary for us to finally change the course of our lives. It also gives us the opportunity to grow and learn who we are. Whatever is the direction we need to take the universe will let us know, even if sometimes we might not see the bigger picture yet. This is where we become challenged.

Yes, when we are becoming so comfortable in our lives, we are become the creature of habits we so want to become. But somehow the universe will find a way to rewrite our lives. It can be by pushing us beyond our limits or even giving us a nice nudge on our backs. Or we can receive a big push to finally get the courage to do what we need to get done.

As we are moving forward in our path, we always have a choice. Being opened to go through the changes or unwilling, being pushed around until we finally come to the realization it is happening for a reason.

Maybe we have overcome our stay, or we have become accustomed to something that has run its’ course. From a job we have overgrown to a relationship that such ends. We have to learn to be happy and let our spirit guide us.

Yes, it might not be an easy road we are embarking on, but it is one that is worth the taking. When we are willing to take a leap of faith and get ourselves on the path of learning who we truly are it is becoming an amazing journey.

From healing of our past wounds to letting go and becoming free of everything that used to tie us down. It is a life of a thousand we are living in; it is a journey of opportunities that are going to be open and revealing we are special and beautiful.

Becoming the co-creator, we are meant to become.