The pups saga 5

So, the saga of the pups is still going strong. We have had a few colder days, so the tennis court wasn’t an option. Instead, we have been having some walks in the neighborhood to keep us going. Also, I have switched to another lead hoping this would help, but this one did not help much, the bungee style is not a great one for the pups.

However, in my quest to find the right one I came across one lead with dual leash. It was again an adventure since both of them have been used to a single lead. In my quest I have found the runners lead but the bungee leash did not work well for Mac. Giving him a signal will not work for him to pull like a mad pup.

So, this time around I did get the dual dog lead a try, I had nothing to lose. Instead, it was another adventure. Having them on the same lead has been great. They have actually learned to work together, it happened, and it was a great learning for both of them.

They picked up, very quickly, that they were not on the single lead. Indeed, it was a great move, we had a test run in the house. Mac was such a good boy but again we were inside. Time to go outside, it was funny to watch Mac at first, he tried to pull but I was able to signal him to slow down. Dottie was all over the place going left and right behind him but without creating a knot which usually happens with the two leads.

We had a wonderful third walk in the afternoon where everyone was in synch. It was another great walk, easy on the shoulders. The pups had a great time, and I am sure as the weather is warming a little, we are going to be able to go back to the tennis court so they can run like mad cows while I am laughing while watching them.