Finding happiness

Defining ourselves is what we should be doing. While we might enter into a relationship, we need to be able to create our own space to not feel suffocated. Taking our time to know each other, not feeling everything came at once but foremost learning to set boundaries.

“Me” time is essential even in a relationship, we do not have to constantly be with each other. Being alone helps us to re-centered ourselves, making us whole again. It also provides us with what we need to be happy in our lives.

We can learn to keep our own peace of mind without feeling overwhelmed by everything. We have to give ourselves a chance to come together organically. When someone has too much energy or expectations it can lead us to feel we are being smothered.

Learning to set our boundaries is essential, moving in our journey requires us to work on our relationship. Never take everything for granted instead we should like the master gardener continue to watch over it. It is a labor of love and patience some days are easy some days are more challenging. By keeping the flow of communication open we can easily stay connected.

It might seem a little crazy for people to take some time for themselves but if you think it is not necessary you are wrong. When you are taking the time to have your own “me” time you can continue to expand your wings.

Not feeling the pressure of a relationship but being open to continue to co-create with the universe. It also helps us to regenerate and have some grounding time. Making space for ourselves and our families, being open to go with the flow and becoming flexible as well.

Let our creativity guide us on our path while welcoming the changes coming our way. Growing old together is to keep ourselves connected but also making time for us. Learning who we truly are will help on this journey.