Staying at peace

Staying calm during times of challenges can be difficult. When dealing with an unruly co-worker or neighbor we need to learn to take some deep breaths and try to relax. It might feel like we are in the middle of a war zone.

How can we stay calm when we feel like our ego is ready to go to war! Grounding ourselves and trying to find a peaceful outcome will work the best for everyone. Making sure we keep our ego and temper in check. Easier to say than do.

Finding the peace within our hearts to stay grounded, opening our mind to find the wisdom that will keep our heart open. We are a story in motion, we have a thousand lives to live. We are learning everyday about who we truly are.

We can identify who we truly are by keeping ourselves authentic and honest. Doing a self-inventory of where we are and what we are able to change in our lives can become the journey of a lifetime. It is a journey of self-discovery that will transform our outer conditions. We have the inspiration to become the rising phoenix.

We are able to embrace the life of a thousand but also opening our hearts to the fullest. We can transmute our energies to change our outer condition. We are the lives of a thousand, we are open to become the better part of us.

All situations are temporary no matter how long it takes for us to create a new experience. We are the light, the inspiration that can change not only our lives but also influence, in a positive way, the people that surround us.

We have what it takes to stay open during times of tribulation. Finding the peace in our heart helps us to see the resolution we need.