The pups saga 4

The pups’ saga is becoming the best it can be. We went for a walk on Sunday, a few miles away from our place to a tennis court that is converted in the winter to a dog park. The pups had no idea at first where we were going. I was leading the walk with Miss Dot and took a left turn unexpectedly to the tennis court to the surprise of Miss Dot.

We removed the lead on them while closing the gate so Mac would not bolt out. It was a blast to see Miss Dottie starting to race around like she was a nascar driver.

Bumping heads with Mac, while Mac was trying to keep up with Miss Dot. It was a WWE show down as well. I was surprise Mac would enjoy the run around knowing that he doesn’t like to run for long, neither is the snow or cold appealing to him.

But somehow, he was enjoying a moment of running around like a mad cow. Which I must say is to my delight. Seeing him with his ears flopping around is quite a spectacle. He has the stamina when he wants to but would rather use it to have a sneaky Pete attitude to have more fun with less movement, as we let them have a fun time.

We knew we had about 3 miles to walk back so our little tribe left and hit the sidewalk to go home. Mac wasn’t leading at this time he was more mellow and kind of slow actually. Miss Dot was still going strong this young lady is just like the energizer bunny. She is always on the go, as we were getting closer to the house.

So, as Mac’s pace started to slow down, the poor boy was beyond tired, but he started to move a little faster when he saw the driveway getting closer and closer. It was a great evening both of them where pooped and we could have some quiet time to unwind.