Our joy and peace

Being present in our lives opens up our mind to learn to slow down. We need to go back to basics, learning to turn our phones and computers off. Be there for our mate and children, not feeling like it is a rat race we are living in.

Instead, when we learn to change our habits inviting more “me time” into the equation we are starting to shift our priorities but also learning to balance our lives better. It doesn’t mean some days we might feel like it is back in the rat race for a while, until we learn to step away from it.

The universe has taught me to go with the flow without any expectation but an open happy heart. When you are listening to your intent on whatever you would like to accomplish you can learn to course correct your path when you know it is not coming for your highest good.

When your ego is in the driver’s seat, we are becoming less atoned to our life purpose instead we are becoming distracted by the world of the ego. Finding entertaining and flashy distractions and seeing others running for those unattainable goals. Making everyone more frustrated than they should be. It is an amazing journey to feel we are the master of our own destiny when we let go of everything that is not for our highest good.

Learning to know our own triggers is essential when we have to navigate the world, we are currently living in. Becoming whole helps us to adjust and become the tranquil river that will learn to adjust to the “aleas de la vie”

We are divine and beautiful; we are all unique and special in our own way. We do not need to compete with anyone. Our lives are one of a kind. Let’s embrace it and live our lives to the fullest.