The pups universe 3

As the snow continues to fall it Is starting to get quite deep for the pups to walk on. Mac, as usual, will not even bother to go far since he doesn’t like the snow very much. However, Miss Dot is enjoying jumping in it. I am sure if she could do some snow angels, she would be the first one doing it!

Today is another day at daycare! Yes, those little ones know what it means to go there. Like overly excited kids they are both running down the stairs going straight to the garage. Mac has such a cute way when he knows he is going to have a full day filled with blasting moments.

As we are driving to daycare Mac is now watching the car behind us. Hanging on the top of the back seat looking straight at the cars. It is kind of a kodak moment I keep registering in my mind. As Miss Dottie is focused on where we are driving, I am listening to some music.

It is going to be a great day for them, running all day around just because they can! When they are coming back home these two little ones should be passing out on the ottoman. It’s great when I can take a break from them.

As they are minding their own business so do I! Much quiet time is required when you are working with two little ones. Needing to adjust the pace of our lives and constantly training them so they can be walking without pulling too much on their leads.

It takes a lot of time and patience to get there but it is worth the journey. They have grown to become wonderful pups. There is never a dull moment in our lives, we are learning to continue to adjust to what the outer condition is throwing at us.