Challenges in our lives

The world is a rollercoaster, and If we are not always strapped in, we are faced with a precarious road taking unexpected turns. Being able to learn to navigate the raging river that is our lives can make it even more challenging. But at the same time, it is a growing moment for us.

We do not have to feel we are not part of this world but instead learn to accept our spirit and find the peace in our heart to let the love the universe as for us in. It is so empowering to feel we have unconditional love in our heart.

Empathy and compassion to see our own spirit, learning to know ourselves at a deeper level. We can only be a reflection of ourselves if we did not have a chance to learn to become the better part of us. We are so much more than the eye can see. If we only take the time to let ourselves be who we truly are.

The most inspiring moment in our lives is when we come to the realization That when we want to be part of the world, we must learn to let go of our expectations and just live our lives to the fullest. Being present in our lives and the lives of our love ones. We can become who we are when we free ourselves from the illusional world of the ego.

When we are learning to mind our own business and start to co-create with the universe, not trying to control our outer condition but learning to become flexible in our journey. The universe has so much more to offer when we are tapping into its wisdom.

Granting ourselves the well-deserved love and magic we desire when we are opening ourselves up to being vulnerable to go into the unknown.